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Rules and "House Rules"

The rules to Table Tennis can be found below:

Simplified rules for beginners here:

Short Version

The official rules can be found here:

* The Official Rules of Table Tennis *

With only a few exceptions, we attempt to follow the official rules.

games are played by the current rules to 11 points best 2 out of 3.

The most notable exceptions are these "House Rules":

As an example of "house rules", A fun game that we sometimes play... with the agreement of all 4 players... is "open doubles". It is a doubles match using singles service and return of service. Thus it is "open" because the server is not restricted to half court play. The server can stand anywhere and serve anywhere. The receiver must be ready to defend his entire side of the table. After the serve, the play reverts to normal doubles rules. Personally, if I may interject, I love this game! It has both the intensity and diversity of singles service... with all the strategy of doubles. It is the best of both worlds!

Such "unofficial" house rules games are only played with the agreement of all involved. But, can be fun... and a change of pace!

NOTE** A Recent Addition:

On Tuesdays and Saturdays in the Adult Center's big room, we are setting up one of the 4 tables as a "Tournament Table" where all the official rules are followed. The other 3 tables may still play house rules. So now there is a place for everyone!

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